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Anti Gun Media Had No Interest in Antifa Video About Using Guns [VIDEO]

Steve Crowder , conservative writer and host sent his producer, Jared to a meeting of antifa and he recorded what happened.  They discussed using an assault rifle, a sawed off shotgun and a regular rifle.  He was given an ice pick and directed to a store where he could buy a large hunting knife.

 The investigation was launched ahead of a speaking engagement Wednesday by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Crowder said his team has been “infiltrating this organization for a long time.” He released the footage on Thursday.

What’s in the video?

A woman is shown in the first 10 seconds of the video describing movements of the group.

“The idea is plainclothes and hard tactics,” she explained. “I don’t think they’ll know what hit them. Because they’re not prepared for what we’re planning.”

Jared also filmed several members of Antifa and pressed them for information on what they were planning ahead of Shapiro’s speech.

They admitted that they were considering using various weapons against those who opposed them, including an “assault weapon,” a “sawed-off shotgun,” and a “regular rifle.”

That’s the moment in the video that they handed Jared an ice pick and directed him to the nearest military supply store to buy a “Ka-Bar,” which is a very large combat knife.

Throughout the video, many of the group’s “tactics” are revealed, including an encrypted messaging app, which allows members to communicate effectively and under the radar.

One of the group members even boasts about the arsenal of weapons he has in his vehicle, “in case the s**t hit the fan.”

The gun grabbing media that wants to confiscate every gun in America and has been spending all their time on the Vegas story all refused the video of antifa.  Not even Fox.  Is it any wonder why no one trusts the media any more?

H/T The Blaze 

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