Months After His Death, Man Left Waitress Exceptional Tip In His Will [VIDEO]

Grumpy Customer Never Tipped Forgiving Waitress Until Months After He Died.

A waitress is the only person nice to rude customer, after the customer die she get the tip of a lifetime.

Walter “Buck” Swords was a regular customer at Luby’s restaurant in Brownsville, TX. But this 89-year-old WWII veteran was so difficult with his demands that all the staff refused to serve him, everyone but waitress Melina Salazar. She kept her calmness, and was always patient no matter how mean he would be.

Apparently, she was the only one nice to Swords in the final days of his life. I suppose this is the best proof that it pays out to be kind.

Melina remembers, “He was mean to the girls. He wanted everything his way. He wanted the food very hot — he didn’t care, he burned himself!” She says, though, that she had patience and “just took care of him.”

One day, Swords stopped coming and she thought that it was peculiar. But then she read in the papers that he died.

She was surprised to read the 89-year-old’s obituary in the paper in the days before Christmas 2008. She was downright shocked when she found out he had left her $50,000 and a car in his will. It seems as if she had been one of his last fond memories on the earth.



Sources: Inspire More, The Shred/Facebook/ Video Credit: YouTube

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