Husband Divorces ‘Flabby’ Wife To Be With Younger Woman, Gets HOT Dose OF Karma [VIDEO]

True love lasts forever; it is something that only your heart will understand. Unlike beauty, it tends to be the other way around.

One of the biggest causes of marital unhappiness aside from cheating, sex, and money –is getting fat. How many husbands were turned off by their wives’ thunder thighs and flabby arms? How many wives are disgusted by their husbands’ pot bellies and love handles? How many divorces are caused by saggy butts and double chins?

Although U.S. divorce rates dropped to a 40-year low in 2015, researchers say marriages still only have about a 50 percent chance of lasting. That is possibly because people don’t understand the true meaning of unconditional love and commitment. Just like the man in the video recently shared by Hefty.co.

Though the man had learned his lesson the hard way, his action is still unacceptable.

According to the video, the man left his wife for a younger and more attractive woman after years of marriage. He had believed his wife’s faded beauty was only a memory, so filing a divorce is his immediate resort.

“My ex-wife was flabby, unkempt, didn’t shave and had droopy breasts,” he said.

Exactly one year later, he saw her again. It wasn’t until after he left his wife that he learned just how beautiful she always was. He realized that real beauty couldn’t only be seen physically.

“She was glowing and had lost weight,” he claimed. “She was once again beautiful. She no longer shared the wear-and-tear of the years.”

What ’s more is that he saw her beauty came from within and could be seen in the love and attention she selflessly gave to him and their children. The beauty of her heart was so strong that it radiated through her and was visible on the outside as well.

Her ex-husband who was too blind to appreciate it just got what he deserved.

Article Sources: Shareably, The Shred Nation/Facebook, Your Tango Photo Credit: Shareably Video Credit: Hefty/Facebook

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