Check Out The Commercial That’s Causing People To Have A Panic Attack. Be Warned [VIDEO]

There are many people who claim ghosts are real and many others that don’t believe in such a thing, but a commercial that was filmed in Great Britain has raised some questions over what the camera crew captured during the filming process.

Several years ago, a British camera crew was tasked with filming a car commercial. In the advertisement, the car was cruising along a beautiful countryside and they made sure that the scenery was one of the most important parts of the video. Because, who wouldn’t want to drive in a brand new vehicle through winding roads with breathtaking views, right?

Well, when the editor got to work reviewing the footage, he was sure to watch the film repeatedly making sure that everything was as it should be. The editor’s role is to find even the most minor of problems when it comes to the project. So, while this particular editor was doing his job, he discovered that there was much more to the video than he initially thought. His eye caught a mist-like ghost moving along side the car as the cameras rolled.

He was instantly spooked and in disbelief, which is why he brought the ghost-like figure to the attention of the rest of the team. The team was equally freaked out, especially when they learned that someone had died in an accident in that exact spot on the road, one year before this commercial was filmed. Needless to say, the company was so frightened by the appearance and the coincidence that they decided not to air the commercial.

Luckily the video is still around and we have access to viewing it. So, check out the video below and form your own opinions on the so-called ghost in the commercial.

If you turn up the volume on your computer, you may even be able to hear the cameraman whisper something at the end of the commercial.
Commenters shared their experiences…

“Watched this for the first time over ten years ago. Headphones on, volume up. I jumped 3 feet.”

“I actually had to change my pants… Um when I showed my 6 y/o sister, she just said “what about it? All I saw was a zombie” omfg ? I’m so disturbed now and will never be able to sleep.”

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