Vet With Service Dog Attacked By Woman In Restaurant: ‘I Ain’t Putting Up With White People Sh*t Today!’ [Video]

A woman from Delaware verbally attacked a veteran who brought his service dog into a restaurant. The video shows the woman attacking the man while others try to defend the man who has a right to bring a service animal into the establishment. The incident happened in Delaware on April 14th.

This woman needs to educate herself…SERVICE DOGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR VETERANS WITH PTSD:
For any veterans out there who feel they need a service dog:

This Able Veteran is a service dog organization benefitting United States military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our service dog program is proven to help veterans with PTSD cope successfully with the symptoms of PTSD, including depression, nightmares and social anxiety. Our intensive Trauma Resiliency Program incorporates service dogs trained for our unique anxiety alert and nightmare interruption aids. We are also training trainers – our PTSD Service Dog Trainer Academy will help put more specially trained service dogs into partnership with veterans suffering from PTSD.

Disrespectful female loses her mind and goes off on a veteran for having his service dog in a restaurant. Damn woman, the dog is better behaved than you…Happened in Delaware on April 14, the guy's wearing a Delaware City Fight Factory boxing gym shirt, still trying to figure out who this awful woman is…

Posted by Mindy Robinson on Monday, September 18, 2017



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