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Black Lives Matter Furious Over Huge 4-Word Sign In Texas

A sign was being put up by a business on Texas, and what it says leads everyone gossiping.

Wagner Supply Company put ups a sign that looks over 42nd and West County Road in Odessa. The sign reads: “2000 years ago Jesus ended the debate of which lives matter. He died for all!” He died for all. With tensions at a high people locally agreed with the message.

Shannon Bezel works near the sign and said, “I believe all businesses should put that up. There should be billboards with it up.”

Adolfo Bustamante, a resident of Odessa said, “It’s the first time I’ve ever read it and I think it’s pretty cool because it’s true.”

Bustamante says tragic loss of life affects everyone not a specific race.

“Jesus Christ died for all our sins, not just white lives, black lives, brown lives, oriental lives, he died for everybody,” said Bustamante.

Bazel believes the reason for the racial tension is because it is taught at an early age.

“At home people should be teaching their children that all people are the same, not different. I believe the anger comes from home,” said Bezel

The company has put up messages before and locals say seeing messages like these make them feel better about everything going on.

“It’s up to the personal beliefs of the business, if they feel like doing it then it’s fine and dandy. If anybody is offended by it maybe they don’t need their business because it’s very true,” said Bustamante.

Posts about the sign have been shared on Facebook since last week.

Sources: Cooking Panda

Photo Credit: Cooking Panda

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