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Americans Are Shocked What This Mom Is Seen Teaching Her Child During St. Louis Protests [VIDEO]

St. Louis erupted on Friday after former St. Louis police Officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty of murdering a man while on duty. The city was faced with rioting after the black community became enraged that Stockley wasn’t convicted for the death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson’s verdict has been highly anticipated since the trial first started. After all the evidence was provided, Wilson found the white former St. Louis police officer not guilty of first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the December 2011 shooting death of a black drug suspect after a high-speed pursuit resulted in a crash.

As soon as the verdict was read aloud, protesters gathered around the city near Tucker Boulevard and Market Street. The enraged protesters blocked off a ramp to Interstate 64. Police took action and blocked them off from entering the highway. The Protesters then relocated to police headquarters in St. Louis.

The victim’s fiance spoke in front of camera’s after the verdict was read and pleaded with protesters not to cause any trouble and to accept the decision made by the judge. See her entire statement below:

Christina Wilson’s plea for peace is reminiscent of Martin Luther King Jr. Her words obviously fell on deaf ears for the thugs seen in this video who appear to be caught up in the “party” atmosphere and only appear to be looking for an opportunity to destroy someone else’s property. The video below is disturbing on so many levels. While the people in the video appear to be only interested in the party atmosphere that surrounds them, one person, in particular, has caught the attention of viewers on social media and shined a light on what it looks like when children raise children in America. Watching this mother pushing her child to commit a felony, while teaching her to hate the very people who risk their lives every day to protect them, is disturbing, and possibly one of the saddest videos we have ever posted on our website.

How can we be teaching our children to behave like this? What is going to happen when he grows up and ends up being arrested or even shot for rioting. This is not the type of example that should be taught to children. We owe it to them to teach respect.


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