Polyamory Coming To A Christian Church Near You [VIDEO]

Polyamory. What in the heck is that?

Well, basically its a remnant of the 60’s free love, anything goes with anyone, at any time counter culture. And it seems to be springing up in Christian circles, if you believe what PJ media is reporting.

Here’s a video, from 2013, just to get you warmed up.


Yeah, if you’re still breathing, this is what PJ Media reported.

At every new encroachment on society’s morals made by the sexual revolution, the dissenters are often shouted down with cries of “slippery slope fallacy!” As we all know (especially bakers who desire to operate their business according to the precepts of their faith) the slippery slope is real. The latest low mark on the slippery hill of complete moral degradation is the push for Christians to accept polyamory, a lifestyle of open relationships that allow dating or marriage partners to have sex with outsiders.

According to a recent article at Patheos, “It’s time for the Church to talk about polyamory.”

It would be understandable if some read that title and then assumed that the author believes that the Church needs to begin warning Christians about this sinful lifestyle.

Instead, the author, Chuck McKnight, writes, “I should also disclose the fact that my wife and I are polyamorous ourselves and recently decided to open our marriage as such.”

Apparently the author is confused as to why support in churches for LGBTQ doesn’t also translate into support for polyamory. Well, would it surprise you if the slippery slope of sexual perversion led us all there? Nope, probably not.

He goes on to complain, “There are hundreds if not thousands of books out there about same-sex issues from a Christian perspective. But I haven’t been able to find a single book on polyamory in the church. (Please point it out to me if you know of one!)”

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Get ready folks. It’s coming. You can’t have politicly corrected ideas, that are adverse to biblical teachings, acceptable on one level and not another. … Slippery slope. There is something to it.

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