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11 Year Old Girl Turned Into a Fireball When Silly String Ignited By Candles [VIDEO]

She had just turned 11 years old, the age at which she could be admitted to Hogwarts, but suddenly, she was turned into a fireball as family members sprayed her with silly string that was ignited by her birthday candles.  The girl, who is believed to be from Argentina had just had her friends and family sing Happy Birthday to her, when they began to shoot her with silly string.  Some was ignited by the candles and her whole head was engulfed in flames.

 The girl was standing behind a cake decorated with a number of emojis, the number 11 in candles and two firework-type fountain candles.

Although most of the silly string stuck to the girl as planned, remnants of it came into contact with the cake and acted as as fuse.

The video quickly cuts out as family member rush towards the girl to pat the flames down as the younger children scream.

It is not clear whether or not the girl suffered injuries.

The girl engulfed in flames when the birthday party, believed to be in Argentina, goes horribly wrong

H/T Mail Online

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