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Democratic Pervert Kicked Off Council For Fast and Furriest Scandal

New Milford councilman and Democrat Scott Chamberlain was forced to resigned after it was discovered that he liked to dress up like furry creatures and to have sex.  To make a bad situation worse, he said on social media that tolerates rape when he is dressed up as a bunny or a squirrel.  So ladies, if he’s wearing a business suit, you can relax, but if he is in his bunny suit…run like hell.  Of course liberals scorned the mayor for being a bigot and being prejudiced to furrys.

Chamberlain tried to defend himself by saying it wasn’t about sex, but if that were true, why did he say he tolerated rape when in a furry costume?  They even have their own website which points to sex in their fursona. It entails role playing as a furry animal and it is often associated with deviant sex.  Which explains why a democrat is involved.

 Following accusations that Gronbach was biased against furries, the mayor said that his dismissal of Chamberlain had nothing to do with the subculture itself, but rather what he had posted on the forum. Chamberlain had allegedly indicated that he “tolerates” rape.

“The resignation was prompted not from being a member of any community, but the expressions of ‘likes’ and ‘tolerates’ that were disclosed,” said Gronbach, who is also a Democrat.

According to the New Times, the town’s Democratic chairman Peter Mullen said that Chamberlain told him that he wrote “science fiction adult literature,” but that his Facebook posts indicated interest in activities that shocked him. requires its users to sort topics into four categories, including “loves,” “likes,” “tolerates,” and “hates,”—allowing users to search for each other based on their interests. Posting under the name “Gray Muzzle,” Chamberlain allegedly indicated that he tolerated rape.

H/T The Daily Caller


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