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Embarrassing! New Hillary Clinton Website Verrit Helps Her Create Liberal Memes [VIDEO]

Will someone PLEASE tell Hillary that it’s all over for her, and to PLEASE stop trying to regenerate a fan base, especially using social media platforms that are clearly not in her demographic or wheelhouse?

OMG! This is so sadly pathetic, it’s almost embarrassing to watch.

A new website called Verrit has been created to help Hillary reach the “younger” crowd by creating memes of a liberal flavor.

Watch this video. Mark Dice lays it all out.

Leftist rag, The Washington Post has this to add, pointing out that it’s even embarrassing for them.

Verrit’s founder has given himself away.

The site didn’t make much sense in the first place. Hillary Clinton crusader Peter Daou advertised Verrit, which the former Democratic nominee endorsed Sunday night, as a “media platform” designed for the 65.8 million Americans who voted for Clinton in November. Verrit is supposed to “collect and contextualize noteworthy quotes, stats, and facts for politically engaged citizens.” In practice, it slaps informational tidbits onto shareable images with seven-digit codes that allow users to … verify that the images come from Verrit.

This isn’t especially useful to anyone. The only thing Verrit is capable of debunking is parodies of Verrit. False statistics from elsewhere don’t come with codes that users can check against the site’s database. Neither, of course, do real ones. Verrit’s collection is finite — filled only with carefully curated cards that confirm Clinton voters’ views. It serves no purpose except to spare those voters the need to confront beliefs that conflict with their own.

Maybe we should all just sit back and watch the implosion. It’s embarrassing, but also entertaining after 8 years of a painfully Obama administration.

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