Can You See Why Photos Of This Fitness Blogger Are Causing Outrage? [VIDEO]

Every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy. Some women carry their growing babies high and others carry low, and some women are bed ridden with first-trimester nausea and others have bad bouts of heartburn.
When pregnant, it’s hard not to compare yourself with other women but it’s best to remember that we are all unique in our own way.

Fitness blogger and model, Sarah Stage has always been dedicated to being in the best shape she can be in, and she has millions of Instagram followers to prove that she knows what she is doing when it comes to health and fitness. But, her Instagram account really launched when she posted an image of herself at eight months pregnant.

While it’s fairly normal for women to post pregnancy photos of themselves, chronicling their journey throughout pregnancy, Stage’s photo was anything but the norm. She has abs of steal at such a late point in her pregnancy that people are questioning her health.

The fitness guru has been working out through her entire pregnancy and she assures everyone that her doctor approves her training schedule and she’s even shared that she’s gained 18 pounds. Based on the photos, it’s hard to believe that she gained any belly weight at all.

Because of her epic abs, Stage has earned herself that name “Six-Pack Mom,” and she has continued to share her journey, even though some question her health.

Alongside her seven-month photo, Stage shared the following comment…

“Hello third trimester! These past 7 months have flown by. Trying to stay in the moment & enjoy every second since we don’t plan on having any more babies after this one!!”

She also went on to share an ultrasound photo showing that the baby was growing rapidly. Alongside the ultrasound photo, she shared the following comment…

“Baby is weighing a little over 2 lbs with a strong heartbeat and huge hands,” Sarah wrote.

While some shun the fit star for her unbelievable abs, she still has a lot of fans who support her.

One fan made the following comment in response to the famous photo…

“Why can’t I look this good not pregnant? She’s doing it again! So beautiful!”

And the best part is that this is Stage’s second time being pregnant. Usually, during the second pregnancy, a woman’s body stretches out further and grows faster. It doesn’t look like Stage has to worry about that though, and she’s proving that hard work and dedication pay off.
But the naysayers are accusing Stage of photoshopping herself in her Instagram photos. She was seen walking outside with what appeared to be a baby bump and later that same day she posted a photo of herself in a white bikini, sans bump. She has denied the accusations and her rep made the following statement…

“Sarah would never Photoshop any photo. She shares her images with her audience to embrace all different body types and her pregnancy. She’s been shamed through both pregnancies. She’s trying to put her journey out there to encourage others.”

Stage is obviously an extreme example of how a woman’s body responds to pregnancy and this case certainly isn’t the norm.






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