The Photos Ronda Rousey Wishes Would Disappear From The Internet [Photos]


A UFC fighter, no matter how strong and scary-looking they might be, still has flaws as human as we are. These are some of her pictures that she may not want us to see.

Ronda is a beast, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. She shattered records that men in her sport couldn’t touch. She went undefeated in her first 12 bouts.



Some of the images are much to risqué to host on our site, however with some creative googling you should be able to find those dirty pictures if you are so inclined

#1 Rare Photos Of Ronda

Even UFC champion and hottie Ronda Rousey went through an awkward phase before she was kicking butt and modeling for magazines.


#2 Getting Naughty

Is this proof that the rumors are true? You know many people want to believe that she’s into chicks instead of dudes.


#3 She Never Cries

She never wants to appear weak or vulnerable, which is why we’ve only seen her tear up on Ellen’s tv show!


#4 The infamous Kick Photo

This image was posted around the internet when she lost her belt to Holly Holmes…


#5 The Fame Game

Ronda’s not afraid to go makeup-free and wear a sweater, even if paparazzi is there.


#6 Preggo?

And here’s the photo that got everything thinking she was pregnant with UFC fighter Travis Browne’s baby…



#7 In Love With The Boss?

In fact, she’s been rumored to have a thing with UFC president Dana White.


#8 Like A Lady

Sometimes, Ronda’s body doesn’t look the most flattering in a dress…but that’s because she’s an athlete with muscles!


#9 The Bowl Cut?

Here she is with a haircut we’re sure she regrets.


#10 Rawr

Ronad’s been known to go from pretty to rough looking very quickly, and she’ll scare anyone with a facial expression like this!


#11 K.O

The look of shock and defeat on her face will never be forgotten. But we’re sure our girl will bounce back!





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