‘Redneck Army’ Incredible Rescue Of National Guard In Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey [VIDEO]

This is the true spirit of America! Man helping his fellow man during his time of need. Instead of the news reporting on Antifa maybe it’s time to focus on the good! The Redneck Army’s monster truck was able to help out the National Guard in yet another great story from Hurricane Harvey. Check it out:

Although Hurricane Harvey has devastated Texas, it’s great to see everyone working together during this trying time.

Check out a similar situation during Hurricane Irene where the National Guard almost drown in the flood waters. These guys are amazing!

The American spirit is alive and well in the Redneck Army and the National Guard!

One of the best videos we’ve seen of people working together is another dog rescue. You won’t believe this one:

H/T 100PercentFedUp

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