Man Catches Democratic Carp (Two Faces) [VIDEO]

A man posted a picture of the strangest carp that I have ever seen.  It appears to have two faces.  The only creature on Earth that’s born that way is the homo democratus, a bottom feeder capable of talking out of whichever face works best for them at the time.  It also has the unique ability to spew crap from either end of it’s body.  But conditions over the past 8 years have made it almost extinct.

The video, uploaded to Reddit by user StuffyUnicorn, showed a fish that appeared to have two faces — with two sets of eyes and two mouths.

Needless to say, the video is slightly disturbing, and it leaves viewers everywhere asking what in the world could have caused something like this to happen.

 Sadly, there is no definitive answer, but there are plenty of educated guesses as to why a fish would appear to have two faces.

According to the website Inverse, fish biologists explained that the fish was probably an Asian carp that was somehow deformed.

However, biologists were not certain exactly how such a deformity occurred. They surmised that it could have happened through an injury or it simply could have been a genetic mutation.

The biologists pointed out that the eyes at the the top of the fish’s head were actually its nostrils, and the hole beneath the fish’s mouth was actually a hole that probably was the result of an injury.

Take a look at this freaky carp with more than one face:

H/T Conservative Tribune


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