Man Bitten By Poisonous Spider, Decides To Prick The Area With A Needle [VIDEO]

Spider bites are no joke. One man was on a trip to Indiana when he got bitten by a spider. His body reacted to the venom in an interesting way. Within three or four days, the bite was all nasty and gross. The infected area had swollen up and crusted over. Instead of going to the doctor to have the bite treated properly – he set up a camera and popped the pus filled packet and posted it for the world to see!


So, if you are in the mood to see a guy pop an infected wound and see the gush of pus – go ahead and click play. We should warn you that the video is graphic and could be disturbing to some viewers – watch only if you have a morbid fascination for this kind of thing! The best thing to do when you get a spider bite is to go to the doctor. This guy clearly let the bite go for too long before taking action.


Take a look at this video (Note: Graphic video. Viewer discretion strongly advised)


He is lucky that the infected wound didn’t get worse or cause him to lose his arm or something! The MayoClinic suggests that you clean all spider bites with mild soap and water. Then apply a cold compress.

If you can elevate the area, do so. You can take over-the-counter pain medications as needed. Then you just wait and watch for infection – at that point, go to the doctor. Do NOT whip out the camera and film yourself popping it!

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