White House May Use Lie Detectors To Find Leakers, Never Trumper Goes Berserk!

Last week, KellyAnne Conway said the White House was considering, or at least leaving it on the table, to use polygraph tests to sniff out administration leakers. The question may be, “Why haven’t they done this already?”

However, you know anything that comes just a little bit close to snuffing out the corruption of the left gets a loud and raucous reverberation. It would seem that lefties and Never Trumpers are squirming at the thought of being held accountable for their treasonous activity.

Independent had KellyAnne’s statements.

Kellyanne Conway says that the White House hasn’t ruled out using polygraph tests to try and weed out whoever has been leaking damaging information about the Donald Trump and his staff to the press.

Ms Conway, the senior counsellor to Donald Trump, said in an appearance on Fox & Friends that the West Wing hadn’t ruled out lie detector tests, which have a relatively low accuracy rate at 65 per cent. The tough language comes as the Justice Department is reportedly gearing up a crack down on leaks.

“It’s easier to figure out who’s leaking than the leakers may realise,” Ms Conway said, speaking from the White House lawn.

But of course, when you get close to nabbing the bad guys, the bleeding heart libs cry foul.

An ex White House lawyer, from the Bush administration, has a problem with finding the snitches. And he gets snarky about it.

The Hill:

A former ethics lawyer under former President George W. Bush thinks that if the Trump administration wants to start using lie detectors they should start with the White House press secretary.

“The place will light up like a disco!” Richard Painter tweeted on Friday night.

… Painter has become a frequent critic of Trump’s administration and regularly tweets or appears on cable news to comment.

Maybe the White House ought to start with this guy, and see if he knows anything.

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