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Uh-Oh! Hillary For Mayor (Of New York) Could Be A Thing [VIDEO]

Old girl, Hillary, just never goes away. She doesn’t seem to care that the nation roundly rejected her in the last election. And she’s not going gently into the night after a humiliating defeat.

Unfortunately, the people of New York may be subjected to that nails on a chalk board voice for an undetermined period of time. Someone is working to draft her for a mayoral run, in New York.

True Pundit details the secret campaign.

Hillary Clinton will be campaigning to become the next Mayor of New York City, according to a campaign-themed Twitter page with a political ad launched haphazardly Monday evening on social media.

The apparent political launch had all the makings of a poorly-planned and seemingly rushed political strategy. Those hallmarks seem to echo from the Democrat’s disastrous 2016 presidential run. So this must be legitimate.

Why the haste? The campaign video was launched after Twitter reporter and independent sleuth @__0HOUR1_, also known as simply “Zero” in Twitter circles, broke the story that Hillary was officially planning to run for mayor of New York.

And here’s the infamous video, via twitter.

So, while there has been no “official” endorsement of these Hillary promotions, they are using her voice, logo and her web address.

But of course, there is this:

Looks pretty official to me.

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