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She Said She Was Denied Entry Into A Library Because Of This Outfit That She Put On….

A young woman has taken to Twitter after being denied entry into a public library because her ‘bra lines’ were in breach of the dress code.

Malaysian law student Syarifah Amin shared her story on social media after being told her outfit wasn’t acceptable with the Kuala Lumpur Library receptionist and security guard refusing to allow her to enter the building.

Now I don’t know what you’re thinking or envisioning right now, but before you get lost in your own thoughts, here’s what the woman was wearing.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Miss Atomic Bomb

And honestly speaking…I think I’ve seen worse at a children’s party. Way worse.

On 12 August, Amin, the co-founder of the advocacy group Malaysian Youth Advocates for Gender Equality (MYAGE), shared in a series of tweets that she had been refused entry into the library, due to the nature of her outfit.

According to Amin, they told her that her bra was “eye-catching,” despite the fact that she was in a long-sleeved top. She stated that if she hadn’t put on a bra her nipples would have been visible.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Miss Atomic Bomb

“Anyways, I told the guard and the receptionist I came here to study,” she said. “I’m wearing long sleeves and long pants. I’m not going to wear a ‘sweater’ to cover my ‘bra lines.’ I literally just want to study.”

The library dress code prohibits singlets, shorts, short skirts above the knee, and tight clothes. Women aren’t allowed to wear “body-hugging” shirts.

She stated that she “literally fought” her way into the library, writing, “They let me in cause they were scared I was gonna make a fuss.”

She shared a set of photos of the outfit, writing, “Here are some other angles of my clothing since some comments are still justifying its inappropriate.”

The library defended its actions, writing that visitors must comply with the dress code.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Miss Atomic Bomb

“I came here to study. I’m wearing long sleeves and long pants. I’m not going to wear a ‘sweater’ to cover my ‘bra lines’. I literally just want to study,” Amin insisted.

Reflecting on the incident in an interview, Amin questioned: “Where is the line what [sic] they perceived as modesty in government-owned public places?”

People should be more mindful and stop enforcing their beliefs onto others, she said, adding that it’s about time women stopped getting policed for everything.

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