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A Rude Driver In A Corvette Just Learned Big Time They Should Have Let The Truck Merge…. [VIDEO]

A driver stuck in traffic captured an interesting road rage incident featuring a Corvette driver and a Dodge truck driver.

A Corvette driver who did not let a pickup truck merge and rolled down the window to flip off the driver, found himself surrounded by billowing smoke as the pickup truck let out his exhaust.

The video shows the truck driver trying to merge into an exit lane off the highway, but the red Corvette driver ensures that this doesn’t happen. The Corvette driver refuses to let the truck driver merge, then rolls down his window and flips him the bird.

In response, the driver of the Dodge truck moves forward and then revs his engine, blowing a copious amount of smoke into the Corvette, directly hitting the driver’s face.

The man filming bursts out laughing as the smoke dissipates. After the smoke clears, the driver of the Corvette finally lets the other driver merge into the lane.

The road rage incident was filmed in Tacoma, Washington, on a cloudy day at the end of June. Both cars have Washington license plates.

The man who filmed the road rage uploaded the content to YouTube along with the following description:

“I was driving through traffic near Seattle and noticed a Corvette not wanting to let a Dodge merge over into the lane, so the Dodge pulled beside him. As the Corvette driving was rolling down his window and went to flip him off, the Dodge owner coaled him with so much smoke you couldn’t even see the driver in the car. He did end up letting the truck over.”

The video garnered more than 553,000 views on Facebook and has received more than 7,200 shares.

Source: AWM

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