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Acting Legend Sharon Stone Just Released Some Brand New Bikini Photos That Will Drop Your…

Sharon Stone has wowed fans on social media after sharing a stunning poolside bikini pic of herself soaking up the sun. Donning a beautiful two-piece quilt-designed bikini, cowrie shell necklace, gold watch, and aviator sunglasses, Stone looked radiant, and her little adorable pup made an appearance in the pic too. In her caption, she wished her followers a happy Memorial Day weekend and thanked them for their service while urging them to stay safe.

However, last month, Stone was struck by tragedy after her adoptive grandmother and AIDS activist, Eileen Mitzman, passed away from coronavirus complications. Stone and Mitzman had met in the 1990s while working as HIV/AIDS activists.

Instagram/Sharon Stone

The couple became AIDS activists in 1989 after their daughter, 17-year-old Marni, was diagnosed with HIV, making Marni one of the first heterosexual women to publicly reveal their diagnosis. Tragically, Marni passed away in 1991. Stone asked the couple to become her adopted grandparents, and they went on to work together in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Stone took to social media to announce that her adoptive grandmother was in a New York hospital, dying alone. She shared an emotional post about her relationship with Mitzman and her husband, Neil, and their dedication to the fight against HIV/AIDS. She quoted Dylan Thomas and urged her followers to fight back and scream out against this thing.

Instagram/Sharon Stone

“I want her to hear you rage on against the dying of the light. I want her to hear you scream for her because she was furious about what is happening, she was furious about the way this was being handled, she was furious. She was furious about the way AIDS was handled and the way this is being handled. I want you to let her know you respect her life and respect her death,” Stone concluded.

Despite the tragedy, Stone has remained strong, and her bikini pic is proof that she’s still enjoying life and making the most of every moment. Her dedication to the fight against HIV/AIDS and her support for her adoptive grandparents are a testament to her caring nature, and she continues to inspire fans all over the world.

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