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They Denied A WHOLE FAMILY Access To An Airport Lounge Because Of A Little Girl’s Shirt….

An absurd incident at Manchester Airport left a family in shock as they were told they couldn’t enter the airport’s Aspire Lounge due to their 2-year-old’s shirt. This ludicrous situation should make you question the sanity of some airport employees.

Emma Raikes, a 33-year-old woman from the UK, and her family were excited to embark on their family vacation to Disney World in Florida. To celebrate, the family of eight, which included Emma, her husband, sister, mother, mother’s partner, and others, decided to wear matching personalized Minnie Mouse t-shirts. Little did they know, this innocent gesture would cause quite a headache at Manchester Airport.

Having pre-booked access to the Aspire Lounge in Terminal 1, the family spent nearly $1,000 USD to relax before their nine-and-a-half-hour flight. However, the family’s entrance to the lounge was delayed because the booking was under Emma’s mother’s name. After this confusion, the family was denied entry altogether because the airline staff claimed their t-shirts violated the lounge’s dress code.

Emma Raikes' Family Refused Access To Airport Lounge Because Of Shirt

“We did not think a Minnie Mouse t-shirt with our name on would be seen as offensive,” Emma said. “It was a disappointing start to our holiday.” The family was only allowed into the lounge after agreeing to cover their “offensive” t-shirts with jumpers.

Emma vented her frustration on social media, tweeting about the ridiculous situation. The story soon gained public attention and made headlines. Emma explained, “It’s not like we were a stag or hen party.” She added that the family had previously visited the escape lounge without any issues.

Emma Raikes' Family Refused Access To Airport Lounge Because Of Shirt

To make matters worse, the family felt targeted when a man and a young boy, both wearing Manchester United football tops, were allowed to enter the lounge without issue. The family couldn’t help but feel singled out for no valid reason.

The lounge is owned by Swissport, whose website states their dress code prohibits certain attire, such as vest tops for men, football or rugby shirts, clothing with offensive slogans, fancy dress, and onesies. However, a company spokesperson admitted that the staff member who confronted the family was wrong to do so and had misinterpreted the dress code.

Emma Raikes' Family Refused Access To Airport Lounge Because Of Shirt

The family was offered a sincere apology for the “genuine mistake.” The spokesperson also stated that the entire team at Manchester Aspire Lounge would be re-educated on the dress code to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Emma Raikes' Family Refused Access To Airport Lounge Because Of Shirt

Unfortunately, the damage was already done for this family, and it’s worth questioning whether the t-shirt was ever really the issue. Could it be that the employee, described as rude by the family, sought another way to get rid of the group after the booking confusion? Was this a petty act of revenge?

We may never know the employee’s true motivations, but one thing is certain: there was nothing “offensive” about the family’s attire. It’s a sad state of affairs when employees need “re-education” to understand that there’s nothing wrong with a personalized Minnie Mouse t-shirt.

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