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A Photo Of Biden In The Rain Is Raising A Lot Of Questions About…

A peculiar photo of President Joe Biden standing in the rain has gone viral, causing a stir among conservative social media users. Many found the image so odd that they questioned its authenticity. Conservative blogger Amy Moreno remarked on the photo, asking if Biden had fallen again. Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson also chimed in, insisting the photo wasn’t AI-generated.

Matt Wallace, a conservative social media crypto pundit, joked that Biden was performing a “debt dance” to persuade Congress to allow him to incur more debt. Other users expressed their confusion, unsure of what was real anymore. Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis invited her followers to caption the picture, while Kyle Becker responded with a tongue-in-cheek tweet involving “Cotton-Eye Joe.”

The origin of the photo remains uncertain, but President Biden was in Los Angeles earlier that week during a period of bad weather. The Orange County Register reported that Air Force One had taken off into a foggy, rainy LA sky. Biden’s history of stumbling is also well-documented, including a recent trip up the steps of Air Force One in Poland and a bike fall in Delaware.

Texas GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, who served as the White House physician under Obama and Trump, voiced concerns about Biden’s health. During a Fox News appearance, Jackson discussed the cancerous lesion recently removed from Biden and suggested that Biden himself should be removed from office. He criticized the lack of cognitive assessment and dismissed the provided information about Biden’s cholesterol.

President Biden’s doctor announced that a skin lesion removed from his chest in February was identified as basal cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer. No additional treatment was deemed necessary. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s longtime physician, confirmed that all cancerous tissue had been successfully removed during Biden’s routine physical on February 16th. Despite Biden’s age, O’Connor declared him “healthy, vigorous,” and “fit” to perform his duties as president.

O’Connor reported that the area where the skin lesion was removed had healed well and that Biden would continue to undergo regular skin screenings as part of his standard health care plan. He also noted that Biden had had several non-melanoma skin cancers removed before taking office, attributing them to extensive sun exposure during his youth.

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