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They Said These Leggings Exposed So Much They Forced Her To Leave The Gym….

A woman faces criticism for her workout attire at an all-female gym, revealing the need for a more accepting and supportive approach to fitness environments.

A 37-year-old woman, Kerry Rose Schwartz, faced an unexpected dress code violation while working out at her local gym, simply for wearing leggings. Despite wanting to focus on her fitness, she was met with criticism by the gym staff, who deemed her attire offensive. Schwartz, a Californian, took to TikTok, the Chinese-created social media platform, to share her story and shed light on the gym’s questionable policies.

In her video, Schwartz expressed her frustration with the all-women’s fitness center for dress-coding her over her leggings. She felt that the gym staff’s actions were unwarranted, especially since she was wearing body-contour leggings during her workout. The owner of the all-female gym pulled her aside for a “quick chat” to discuss her apparent violation of the dress code rules.

Turning to her 153,000 TikTok followers, Schwartz aired her grievances about the gym’s response to her attire. The gym owner had informed her that other gym-goers felt “offended” by her outfit, as it revealed too much of her body. The California woman captioned her video, “I was shamed at the gym for my dress code.”

Schwartz claimed to be taken aback by the gym owner’s confrontation, as she was wearing her standard gym outfit of leggings, a sports bra, and sneakers. She felt uneasy when the gym owner brought up the issue, as she couldn’t understand what the problem was.

Kerry recounted, “I could sense that something was wrong because the conversation got uncomfortable really quickly. They said, ‘I’m really sorry we have to have this conversation, but apparently you’re making a few women feel uncomfortable with the leggings that you’re wearing.'”

This left Schwartz feeling “confused” and “shocked,” especially since she wore the same type of outfit every day. Moreover, she was embarrassed to be singled out when other women at the gym wore similar attire. “I almost felt shame even though I shouldn’t,” she added.

Schwartz had chosen this gym specifically because it promised a “safe space” and a “no judgment” environment, but her experience was far from it. “I wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate,” she insisted. This confrontation brought back painful memories for Kerry, who has struggled with body issues in the past.

“I struggled with body dysmorphia and feeling comfortable in gyms my entire life,” she shared. This recent incident has only exacerbated her struggles, as it happened at a gym where she had finally found comfort and enjoyment.

It’s disheartening to see how, even in an all-women’s fitness center, a woman can face unnecessary criticism for her attire. This incident highlights the need for a more open-minded and supportive approach to fitness environments, particularly for those who struggle with body image issues. In a world where women are constantly scrutinized for their appearance, it’s crucial that we focus on creating spaces that promote acceptance, understanding, and encouragement for everyone—regardless of their choice of workout attire.

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