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He Says He Drinks Crocodile Blood TWICE A DAY For A Mind Boggling….

In the heart of Thailand, an unusual morning ritual sets a man’s day into motion, featuring an elixir as exotic as it is controversial.

A Thai businessman’s peculiar health elixir of choice has been causing quite a stir online, owing to its unconventional primary ingredient – crocodile blood. The 52-year-old Rojakorn Nanon, a resident of Trang province in southern Thailand, swears by his twice-daily consumption of this strange concoction, which he confidently credits for his robust health and vitality.

Mornings and evenings for Nanon have taken on an odd ritual. His day begins and ends with a glass of crocodile blood mixed with lao khao, a popular Thai spirit. A formerly weary and frail individual, Nanon claims his life took a dramatic turn upon the incorporation of crocodile blood into his diet. Today, he champions the alleged miraculous properties of his cocktail, proclaiming it a panacea for a range of ailments, including improving organ health, blood quality, and the nervous system.

Nanon’s exotic drink found its way into his life merely two months ago. His supplier is Wanchai Chaikerd, a 53-year-old crocodile farm owner based in Ban Pho subdistrict. Wanchai, whose farm is reputed to be the largest in Trang Province, creates this unusual cocktail by blending scant amounts of crocodile blood – approximately one or two glasses – with lao khao. A glass of this unusual brew sets you back between 200 and 300 baht, approximately $6 to $9.

Wanchai stands behind the therapeutic properties of his unique product with absolute conviction. He claims his crocodile blood cocktail improves blood circulation, boosts red blood cell production, augments platelet count and white blood cell levels, and even revitalizes egg and sperm cells. Remarkably, he suggests that this intriguing elixir might hold the key to curing infertility.

The production of this cocktail, however, demands sacrifice. The farm owner explained that the process requires the life of a crocodile aged between three and four years, as their vitality peaks around this time, resulting in the most potent blood. Yet, a single crocodile can only yield about 100cc of blood, barely enough to fill two glasses. This scarcity further contributes to the allure of this unconventional health cocktail, proving that in the quest for vitality, some will indeed leave no stone unturned.

Source: Odditycentral

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