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He Was Posing On The Flex Cam, Then A Woman Stepped Up Behind Him….

It’s always amusing to see when someone who thinks they know what they are doing get confronted by someone that actually knows what they heck they are doing..

You should be working on leaning up that mass of muscle and microwaved carbohydrates you’ve been carefully cultivating if you haven’t done so already.

A lengthy, gloomy veil of shoulder circuits and frozen thin-crust Sicilian pizzas has covered the past five months. If you want to avoid having a dull knife during a gunfight this spring, start cutting now.

Flex Cam: Guy Flexes Muscles In Front Of Woman, Gets Humiliated

One AFL fan that came on the Philadelphia Soul’s “Flex Cam” earlier this month was one example of this. He made the mistake of showing up at the stadium with more water weight than a pump, and as a result, Brawndoleeza Rice herself promptly taught him a valuable lesson about the right to bear arms.

Kiss Cam is unquestionably the best when it comes to in-between-the-action entertainment at sporting events. On the basis of the video below, though, Flex Cam would have to rank as a strong No. 2. During Philadelphia Soul football games, a feature known as the “Flex Cam” allows spectators to engage, looking for fans to display their strength, the camera pans through the bleachers.

Now, the man as soon as his face appeared on camera, the man started flexing, reveling in the limelight. Before a woman seated behind him nonchalantly removed her jacket and blessed the crowd with delicious, biceptual healing, the moment was his to possess.

As he watched the woman whipping the jacket off,   the excited announcer yelled, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this?” He shouted as her biceps bulged, “ Oh my goodness!! ”

When the tough guy turned around and saw that the woman’s muscles were better and bigger than his, he smiled at his unfortunate condition. “Holy Moly!! You been stoned, my brother! ” he added.

She leaned down, gave him a good look at the triceratops, and he did the only thing an out-gunned man can do: cover his face and pray for a random bolt of lightning to take him from this world.

However, Strength and conditioning coach Micah Macbeth is the man in the video. According to NBC, the woman flexing her muscles is his fiancée Anne Marie Aponte. But Macbeth insists that his response was sincere. He declared, “That wasn’t an act.”

“I’ve never seen her flex before, and when I saw her do it, I was very impressed.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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