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She Wanted To Try Their Giant Pizza Challenge, But Then When She Was Done They Refused To….

A woman was left in tears after she was accused of lying when she signed up for a 28″ pizza challenge.

Raina Huang, who makes YouTube videos under the moniker ‘Raina is Crazy’, went to StevO’s Pizza and Ribs to take on the OMG 28″ pizza challenge on Sunday.

The challenge offers a $100 prize if two of their guests can eat the entire pizza in one hour with no breaks.

Surveillance footage of the incident showed Huang asking the owner Steve Wieand if she could film herself doing the challenge.

Later, Huang uploaded a video to social media in which she claimed she was kicked out of the restaurant by the owner who called her a liar. Huang also said Wieand threatened to call the police.

The 27-year-old eater posted a tearful video on social media after being booted out of the pizzeria, telling her followers: “He called me a ‘dirty, lying wh***’ straight to my face… I’ve never had a restaurant experience this bad, I was just here to do a pizza challenge. I don’t understand.”

In a statement to local media, Wieand’s own daughter Stephanie admitted that she disagreed with how her father handled things.

She said: “I think that it could have been handled better. All I want to say is that I apologize to Raina and to everyone… I would say that he definitely feels bad.”

In response, unhappy customers and supporters have flooded the StevO’s Yelp page with one-star reviews – forcing the site to shut down reviews.

The altercation between Wieand and Huang was captured by a surveillance camera. This evidence, subsequently obtained by ABC 7 Denver, reveals the restaurant owner refused to even grant Huang entry to the restaurant before savagely criticizing her for attempting to take part in his food challenge.

The OMG Pizza challenge itself involves eating an entire 28-inch pizza within an hour’s timeframe. Winners take home a cash prize of $100, as well as chronic heartburn.

StevO’s also offers a WTF spicy wing challenge, as well as a $100 barbecue eating challenge.

It should be noted that there are no warnings on the website about who can and cannot compete. This added to Huang’s confusion when she wasn’t allowed to take part.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, DailyMail, ABC 7 Denver

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