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This Is The MASSIVE Home You Are Paying For Michelle Obama To Live In…..

The buzz surrounding former First Lady Michelle Obama is undeniable, as her memoir, “Becoming,” is on its way to becoming the bestselling memoir of all time. Recently, she enjoyed a European vacation with her family and made a trip to Los Angeles. During her time in Hollywood, Michelle Obama spared no expense on accommodations, as her book sales have given her plenty of financial freedom.

In a report, Obama rented an awe-inspiring property for her stay. The luxurious home, situated on Swallow Drive near Sunset Strip in the Hollywood Hills, is currently on the market for a staggering $22.9 million. Undoubtedly, Michelle Obama’s recent stay will attract even more attention to the property and possibly expedite its sale.

While in West Los Angeles, Michelle visited renowned talent agent Bryan Lourd, the head of Creative Artists Agency. She was interested in collaborating with the world-class agency, as she and her husband prepare to produce podcasts and video content for platforms like Netflix and Spotify.

It remains unclear whether Obama was merely renting the property for a short stay or considering it as a potential purchase. Regardless, the home is undeniably one of the most opulent and stunning residences in Hollywood Hills.

The 12,800 square-foot haven has never been owned by anyone before, only hosting lucky houseguests like Michelle Obama. The property boasts a myriad of exquisite rooms and amenities, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Although the home is not publicly available for rent, the real estate agent could not pass up the opportunity to host a star like Michelle Obama. Her visit would not only generate buzz but also showcase the property as a desirable location within Hollywood Hills.

The Obamas might find this magnificent home an enticing addition to their real estate portfolio. Owning property in Washington D.C. and Chicago, the luxurious residence could serve as their gateway to the West Coast.

Dubbed the “Shark House,” this splendid abode is a far cry from the relatively modest homes owned by the Obamas on the East Coast. With a 300-gallon aquarium, the house offers an unparalleled Zen-like experience.

In a 2018 article published by Curbed, the mansion was reported to feature a shark pool with an array of aquatic life, including eight stingrays, three hound sharks, one remora shark, one horn shark, one catshark, one starfish, and three yellow tang fish.

Sam Neal, a real estate agent from Nest Seekers International, believes that the Shark House will captivate only the most “sophisticated” buyers. As Neal described it, the property is more akin to a “resort than a home.” He told Curbed, Buyers are looking for a place that is more of a resort than a home. It’s about, ‘How much else can I put in my house so that I don’t have to leave?'”

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