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A Fitness Model Just Confessed Why She Lets Her Husband Sleep With Other Women Every Week….

A woman has opened up about what it’s like to be married to a man who is a pornstar.

While many people couldn’t handle even the idea of their partner sleeping with another person, Katy Bampton has revealed it doesn’t bother her that her husband sleeps with a different woman twice a week.

In February, the 29-year-old Katy married porn star Robbie Oz but said in an Instagram video for Hashtag Our Stories that she’ll sometimes “forget” that their marriage is an unusual one.

“I forget sometimes that this is our life, and we live this way every day…, and I’m actually married to a porn star,” Katy wrote in an Instagram post.

However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the kinky couple, with Katy admitting she judged Oz’s X-rated career before their first date.

“The first time I saw Rob was on Instagram. I judged him for being a sex worker. I saw his page and thought, ‘This is not something I’m interested in,’” the brunette revealed. “I was judging, because I thought, ‘Oh, he’s been with a lot of girls,’ and I didn’t want to put myself into that scenario.”

However, Robbie insists that the sex he does for pay is a lot different than the love-making he does with his new wife.

“The sex that I have at work, and the sex that I have at home, are completely different,” Robbie said. He said he gets tested for STIs every two weeks and wears a condom 90 percent of the time while working.

Katy said she came around and realized it was mainly her “conditioning from society” that was getting in the way.

Katy admitted some of her friends and family are baffled by their situation. “Some don’t really understand. Other, don’t understand but don’t judge,” she said.

She continued: “I have no need to be jealous that he’s going to go off with another girl. I know where Rob is every day of the week, as in the job he does, whereas some don’t.”

The fitness instructor also explained that she takes time to discuss boundaries and express her own desires with Robbie.

Talking about the misconception about being married to a porn star, Katy said:

“People on social media think this is our lifestyle and we’re like this 24/7 and he’s constantly having sex with other people and we’re constantly in the swingers environment … but we’re really not.”

She said that they’re just an ordinary couple and they both enjoy cooking, working out, and filming TikTok videos together. The porn star’s wife also said that they have a designated ‘Katy day’ each week, where the couple spends quality time together and disconnects from their work and other people around them.

“A specific day where we commit to each other, stay present, voice our thoughts and feelings, have awkward conversations, learn more about each other, experience new things, dive deep through tantra connections and share all our love,” Katy said. “Amongst the crazy thing called life we find it important that we put aside time for ourselves to connect. Rob is my rock, and our relationship is the most secure, beautiful thing ever, because we make it that way.”

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