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Something Told Him To Dig A Hole In His Basement, What He Found At The Bottom Will….

On a seemingly normal street in Long Island, New York, a bone-chilling secret had been lurking for decades. Michael Carroll, 57, couldn’t help but feel haunted by his father’s mysterious vanishing act back in the 1960s. George Carroll, a Korean War veteran, had left Michael and his three siblings with a lifetime of questions and an eerie feeling that something just wasn’t right.

Their mom, Dorothy, insisted that George had left them high and dry, simply popping out for cigarettes and never returning. Michael, though, couldn’t shake the nagging suspicion that his mother was hiding something. Rumors swirled about what had really happened to George, with some folks whispering that his dismembered body was buried right in the family home’s basement. The very idea sent chills up Michael’s spine.

Driven by the need for answers, Michael dug deep into his pockets to hire a company with fancy ground-penetrating radar equipment to probe the basement. And boy, did he get more than he bargained for! The radar picked up something fishy, and without skipping a beat, Michael grabbed a shovel and began unearthing the truth.

On October 30, 2018, he stumbled upon a spine-tingling discovery—a human skeleton buried beneath his childhood home. The cops examined the remains, noting that the skull had signs of blunt-force trauma. Was it a murder? Or could the fractures have happened after death? The jury’s still out on that one.

Michael’s gut tells him those bones belong to his long-lost father. He’s on pins and needles waiting for the DNA test results. The authorities warn that there might not be enough DNA to get a surefire match, but Michael’s intuition says he’s cracked the case.

He calls it “almost a perfect crime,” one he was never supposed to unravel. The Long Island home was bought by George Carroll back in 1955, where he and Dorothy raised their four kids. After George’s vanishing act, Dorothy held onto the house until eventually selling it to Michael.

Michael’s got a hunch that a man named Richard Darress, who Dorothy married after George went missing was behind his father’s death. But with both Darress and Dorothy now six feet under, the truth may have been buried with them. Michael can’t help but feel that his mom knew more than she let on, especially when she’d brush off their questions about their dad with a dismissive, “Don’t ask, it’s not important.”

Well, for Michael and his siblings, their father’s disappearance was always important. As he holds his breath for the DNA results, he tips his hat to the psychics and ghost hunters he’s worked with over the years. If those remains do turn out to be George Carroll, Michael might finally get the closure that’s eluded him for so long.

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