Woman Gets MASSIVE Boob Job For Boyfriend, Fails To Realize ONE Little Thing [PHOTOS]

Now, I am not one to tell people not to get plastic surgery if it makes them feel better about themselves…but it’s a bad idea to do it if it makes someone else feel better about them.

A woman who got breast implants to please her boyfriend now must stab her breasts with a needle as a result of medical complications.

The lady, known only as Ilana, underwent surgery to gain size 38F breasts to make her ex-boyfriend happy, Daily Mail reported.

She eventually2 came to regret the decision and sought the help of surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif from the TV show “Botched” to reduce their size.

When Dr. Dubrow noticed dilated blood vessels on her breasts, however, he knew this would be a risky procedure.

“That in itself indicates tissue injury and damage,” he explains. “Look how peely your skin is. Now does it peel like this normally?”

Ilana confirms that it has “always been a little bit chaffy” before the doctor explains that it’s an “indication of underlying pressure, tension, and generalized tissue trauma.”

“We do know we need to take the implants out; we do know we need to do a lifting procedure, which means reduce the areola, reduce a lot of the breast envelope and lift you up,” Dr. Dubrow told Ilana. “But we do know that doing that in one stage is extraordinarily risky to your breast tissue and to your nipple.”

But Dr. Dubrow was not finished. Instead, he suggests the unthinkable — something he had only done once or twice in his entire career: stabbing her breasts with a needle.

“Putting a needle into the breast implants and sucking out the fluid, allowing the soft tissue to retract and everything to sort of relax down and then after a period of time doing one operation,” he elaborates.

He says it may sound crazy, but it might just work in the long run.

“Ruptured implants tend to cause shrinking and thickening of the breast tissue and that is exactly what Ilana’s breasts need before she can have the definitive surgery,” he explains.

“It saves you from having to have two operations or more, which would avoid all the risks of anesthesia and the significant risks of the surgery itself,” adds DuBrow.

Ilana has since agreed to the procedure.

She is not the only woman to regret a breast implant surgery, Fox News reports.

In 2014 alone, nearly 24,000 women — most between ages 30 and 54 — underwent surgery to reduce their breast size.

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