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He Found Out They Were Making His Grandson Wear A Dress, Then He Showed Up At The School…

He listened silently as she told him what the teacher had done to his grandson. His facial expression didn’t change but his mind was filled with thoughts.

As the very last word left her mouth, he hung up on her. He didn’t know what was about to happen, but he knew he had to do something about this. He grabbed his keys and headed for his car.

Malcolm Bedford accepted his daughter for who she was, she could do no wrong in his eyes. He welcomed her partner, BaeLa, into their family with loving arms. He was just happy that his grandson now had two parental figures at home.

Although he was able to accept that his grandson had two mothers, he was not able to accept what his school was doing behind their backs. They took it way too far.

Kayla Bedford was a devoted and loving mom. She always wanted the best for her two-year-old son, Zach. That was why she was doing so much research when it came to finding him a school in the area of Wichita, Kansas. She finally decided on Bethany Early Childhood Center.

She and BaeLa wanted Zach to have the very best start in life. The school had small classes and practiced solid Christian values. It seemed like the perfect fit for little Zach.

Until one day…everything changed.

The mother’s girlfriend spotted Zach changing into a dress while in school after Kayla dropped him off.

She followed the boy into the classroom, instructed him to remove the dress, and told his teacher that they didn’t do “this.” The lady told Kayla about the incident, and the confrontations began.

The mother went to the preschool later that same day but, much to her surprise, she found Zach wearing a dress again. Kayla pulled the teacher aside and told her that she was not condoning the “cross-dressing.”

However, the teacher allegedly laughed and replied, “he is only two!” Frustrated by the teacher’s reaction, Kayla told her father, Malcolm, who confronted the teacher soon after and recorded it, too.

In the clip, the grandpa told the teacher that he wanted to get to the bottom of the issue as “we don’t do the transgender [thing].”

Details of confrontation from AWM:

The grandfather then says, “We don’t do the transgender and all that. We don’t do that.”

The woman replies, “I understand. I don’t either. But he’s two.”

This response gets grandpa heated. His voice gets gruffer as he starts to lean into the woman and demands that she stop putting his grandson in a dress.

“I don’t appreciate you encouraging him to put on no dress for the second day, too. I don’t appreciate that and don’t think that this is going away. I’m going further with this.”

“Okay, you can go down and talk to (the director).”

He hits back with, “No. I’m talking to you. I’m letting you know that the next time if you put any kid in a dress, I’m going to make you go viral.”

The woman again asks the man to go speak to her director because that is the usual protocol.

But the grandfather doesn’t want to deal with the director. He wants to speak to the person responsible for putting his boy in a dress. So he says, “No I have an issue with you. I’m not playing with you.”

She says, “I’m sorry that you feel that way.”

He repeats back what she said. Then he adds, “But you should have called me before you made the decision to put my grandson in a dress.”

The teacher wants to have the man speak to the director because that’s the way things are done at the daycare center.

But grandpa is adamant about what he wants and what happened. “I wouldn’t be up here if you didn’t put my grandson in a dress.”

Meanwhile, preschool officials, in a statement, said that their main goal was the welfare of their students and have opted not to divulge details concerning the incident in public.

“We encourage our children to play in a Christ-centered atmosphere that we hope will allow them to gain confidence and learn to interact with others in a positive way.”

It continued, “our primary responsibility is to our children and part of that is protecting their privacy, because of this we are unable to comment on specific incidents involving a child in our care.”

Watch the video below:

Sources: AWM, DailyMail

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