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They Were On A Legendary Television Show, But Now They Are In Some Major Trouble…

You never really know the full story about people that you see on television once the cameras are off. A lot of times the image they portray is totally different from how they are in real life.

“Storage Wars” star Jarrod Schulz has been arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery against his ex (and former on-screen partner), Brandi Passante, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office confirmed.

The couple split in 2018 but are both still on the reality auction show.

Details are sparse, but a law enforcement source told TMZ that on April 30, Passante was hanging out with friends at an Orange County bar when Schulz arrived. A heated argument between the exes ensued, peaking when Passante told him to leave. He did not. According to TMZ, he began yelling and allegedly shoved her twice.

On witnessing this, the people around called the cops who reached the bar after Schulz had left the premises and took a report. According to the outlet, the police officers later contacted Schulz for his statement but he denied getting physical with his ex during the heated exchange. However, The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has charged Schulz with domestic violence and he is set to appear before the court for arraignment on Monday, May 24.

A week after the incident, Brandi Passante shared a cryptic post on Instagram that read, “Longest week of my life! Good supportive friends are hard to come by. Cherish you always @chelfreeman” and shred a selfie picture with her close friend.

Schulz and Brandi have been a part of the A+E series ever since it premiered in 2010. The duo also got their spin-off show titled Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job which was released in 2014 and ran for 8 episodes.

On the return of the 13th season of Storage Wars in April 2021, viewers came to know that Jarrod and Brandi have split. On the first episode of the show, Brandi announced that she and Jarrod split in November 2018. However, they both shared that even though they have split they are still cordial with each other and will continue to be a part of the show just that they will not be going to auctions together anytime soon.

Brandi called things off with her ex during the filming of the 12th season of Storage Wars which premiered in November 2018. The couple is parents to two kids, a daughter Payton, and a son Cameron.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Sources: AWM, TMZ

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