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A Bikini Clad Mom Went On An Unhinged Racist Rant After Her….

More than 150 years after slavery was abolished, it seems like every day we witness another repulsive example of the racial divide that still exists in American society. Even though it appears to be a recent phenomenon, it might simply be the cyclical eruption of a long-simmering social trait, similar to what happened after the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson trials in the early 1990s or the profound but challenging transformation of American society during the Civil Rights era.

But as this upsetting video demonstrates, there is still much to be done to bridge the divisions and restore a sense of national unity. A woman from Tallahassee, Florida, approaches a group of African Americans in this bizarre rant, and the bigotry flows profusely.

Whatever the reason for the interaction may have been, what follows is distressing to see regardless of your viewpoint.

There is definite body shaming on the part of both participants, but the racially biased statements of the white woman seem at points to even defy logic.

The unnamed bikini-clad mom launched into a racist tirade.

Giving us a clue as to what started the feud, the mom in a bikini, who appears to be intoxicated, exclaims, “Look at your body! Look at her body! ” it’s obvious that the bikini-clad mom is furious as the video shows.

The white mom was fighting with a group of people, all of whom appear to be black, while one of them captures the altercation on their cell phone, with a dog can be heard barking in the background.

Well, no one enjoys being made fun of for their appearance. And nobody should be judged for their appearance or for donning a bikini on their own property, however, this woman chose to take a low way rather than stand her ground, this woman’s response shows that two wrongs don’t necessarily equal a right.

She chooses to veer off topic and engage in a racist tirade, telling one of her neighbors that they “should have stayed in Africa,” rather than staying on topic and denouncing those who seemed to have an issue with her body for their insensitive actions toward her.

One of the persons outside of the range of the camera makes a comment about her body saying, “Black don’t crack!” to which she replies, “Crack is black!” As she continues to move further down the rabbit hole, “You should have stayed in Africa, and you can go back there. It’s free. You can go back to Africa if you want to.”

She may very well have been addressing their ancestors, and one wonders if she is aware that over twelve million Africans were forcibly brought here to work as slaves against their will and under threat of death. At another point, the woman says, Then you can take your Washington, Jefferson last names.”

This a historically ignorant statement, given that two of the most important republican founders had the last names of Washington and Jefferson, names taken on by former slaves who were denied the chance to even preserve their birth names.

The filters constantly prodded her and encouraged her, showing that neither side in the debate was above criticism. However, her particularly perplexed tirade portrays a depressing picture of the social dialogue that is currently engulfing our nation.

The bikini-clad woman continues to yell and rage and flail her hands around, and although she can’t be seen, the person with the camera is heard saying, “Don’t say nothing else.” As the camera moves to the car’s license plate, the camerawoman says, “Let me get the tag number.” This simply serves to fuel the racial lunatic’s irrational diatribe.

She exclaims, “Martin Luther was f***ing White folks the day he died! “, bringing civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. into her increasingly absurd argument. Soon, the people around the woman appear to be feeling just as bad for her as the rest of us who are witnessing the horrific act.

Even the woman’s own daughter tries to halt the mother’s idiotic conduct when she is wearing a bikini, pulling her by the arm and yelling at her to stop. The bikini-clad woman refused to let her sit in the car as she made her way back to the group to continue her rant. “Why don’t you speak your own language? ”

The mom in a bikini then exclaims, “You’re English? ” as the video ends. “Are you from England? Really?” As the woman filming replies that she is American and speaks English as she poses the question.

The majority of individuals leaving comments on social media appear to agree that both parties behaved outrageously, despite the fact that the footage is incomplete and leaves many speculating about who started the exchange. Everyone seems to agree that at any moment either one could have just walked away.

“Stupid people all around, the morons filming her and body shaming, odd they cut out what they said about her FIRST. but she was just as idiotic responding back to them.”

“Both sides should mind their own business…”

“…she should have just shut up, and why was the other person filming her in the first place?maybe she should minded her own business…”

“The racist stuff was uncalled for but why did they have to comment on her body. Why? It’s obvious the woman was a mean mouthed drunk. So they want to continue and egg her on? NObody is an angel here. They were spoiling for a fight.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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