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Everyone Lost Their Minds When They Saw Them Solve This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With Just One Letter…

On the game show “Wheel of Fortune,” contestants often need to spin the wheel multiple times until enough letters are revealed that the puzzle is possible to solve. Often, a puzzle with only a few letters available is nearly impossible to solve, but some contestants have done the impossible.

During one episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” a contestant named Caitlin solved a puzzle with just 1 letter available on the board. Her amazing solve was so stunning that the host, Pat Sajak, seemed amazed and wanted her to explain how she did that.

Pat, I guess she will not need to buy a vowel. When Caitlin Burke, 26, a New York fashion editor solved a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune with only one letter on the board.

The bubbly contestant spun the wheel and then asked for the letter L. Co-host Vanna White obliged and revealed the sole L in the puzzle.

No one could have predicted what would happen next. Caitlin asked host Pat if she could solve the puzzle. He was surprised by the request.

“Can I solve the puzzle?” she repeated.

Pat paused for a few seconds, then finally gave the go-ahead.

Then she solved the entire puzzle, with just one letter showing. Her answer?

“I’ve got a good feelings about this,” she confidently shouted.

And that she did.

“That’s right!” Pat said, dumbfounded. He went over to her to get the full story.

“I had a good feelings about it,” she happily replied. “What do I win? What do I win?”

It was a prize puzzle, so for her 10 seconds of pretzel (I mean, puzzle logic, blogger rule #1: reference Steely Dan whenever you can). She ultimately won a Caribbean Cruise for the feat that no other contestant in the history of the popular game show has been able to do.

Host Pat, the driest man on television, appeared blown away, quietly exclaiming, “that was the most amazing solve we ever had.”

You can view the video of Caitlin Burke solving a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with one letter below:

Watch it here: WheelOfFortune/Youtube

Source: AWM

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