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This OnlyFans Model Is Showing Off ALL The Outfits That Got Her Death Threats…

A steamy OnlyFans model named Astrid Wett has made headlines for showing up to the World Cup wearing a very risqué outfit. While reporting for her home country of Great Britain, she revealed a lot of skin, which has since led to her receiving death threats.

This is all taking place during the World Cup being held in the conservative country of Qatar, where women are expected to cover up their bodies.

Wett’s pictures were so controversial that people shared comments about how she needed to “cover-up” and that she deserved to be brought to her “execution” for revealing too much skin. Qatar is famously conservative when it comes to women’s dress codes, and other people, including Sports Illustrated reporter Grant Wahl, have also been facing extreme criticism for what they wore during the World Cup.

Wahl, who wore an LGBTQ-themed shirt while reporting from a World Cup match, died a few days later. His official cause of death was reported to be a heart attack, and he had complained of a minor chest cold. Despite being in great shape, his death has left many questioning whether or not his outfit choice contributed to his passing.

Meanwhile, OnlyFans model Astrid Wett has been reporting on the matches with Great Britain and its opponents. Although she likes to show off some skin while appearing in public in Qatar, her attire has sparked outrage among the conservative Qataris who do not want to see a woman’s body in all of its glory.

Wett sparked the most outrage while reporting on the matches between Great Britain and Australia, and Argentina. In one of the matches, she wore a short denim skirt along with a white bikini top. While many Britons and other Westerners were attracted to the young OnlyFans model in her skimpy outfit, other people shared numerous comments about what she wore while appearing on camera.

One person sent Wett a GIF entitled “VAR EXECUTION.” Others suggested that she should respect another country’s rules and culture and cover herself up. But why should she have to change her behavior because of the cultural expectations of a country she is visiting for work?

It is hard to argue that Wett should be receiving death threats for wearing skimpy outfits while working as a reporter at the World Cup. It is her choice to wear what she feels comfortable in, and if that happens to be revealing, then so be it. It is important to respect the cultural differences between countries, but at the same time, we should not be so quick to judge those who choose to dress differently.

Ultimately, it is up to Wett to decide what she wants to wear while working at the World Cup. If she feels comfortable and confident in her outfit, then she should be allowed to wear it. Death threats are never acceptable, and those who have sent them to Wett should be ashamed of themselves. We should be embracing diversity and celebrating our differences, not trying to tear each other down over what we choose to wear.

Source: AWM

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