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A Man Bought An Entire Dead Mall, What He’s Putting Inside Will…

A Texas businessman has stirred up controversy by installing a Ten Commandments monument in his mall to promote his Christian values, with some applauding his efforts while others feel it is inappropriate to force one’s beliefs on others.

John Bushman, a Christian businessman who owns several businesses across the country, recently purchased the Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas, for $17.3 million. As part of his plan to renovate the mall, Bushman wanted to create a space where customers and guests could find “peace and love” as well as an astute reminder of the Ten Commandments that he follows every day.

To achieve his goal, Bushman hired a company to create a Ten Commandments monument, which he has installed in several of his other businesses. The monument would be eight feet tall, five feet wide, and weigh more than eight hundred pounds. According to Bushman, the monument would remind people of God’s love and share peace in times of turbulence.

“We’re not trying to overwhelm anyone or make a statement,” Bushman told Dallas News. “We just believe in the Lord’s love. That’s the sole reason. We hope when someone sees it, it will touch their heart and give them new hope that day.”

While many people applauded Bushman’s efforts to promote his Christian values through his business venture, others felt that he was overbearing by forcing his guests to see a Christian monument when they might not be of that faith.

Regardless of the mixed reactions, Bushman remained steadfast in his beliefs and stood by his decision to install the monument. He believes that it will inspire customers and help remind people to lead good lives of love and faith.

“Some of the negativity doesn’t surprise me, but it’s a bit sad,” Bushman said. “If I can share peace and love, that’s what we’re here for.”

Bushman hopes that the Ten Commandments monument will touch people’s hearts and give them new hope each day. He sees it as a way to share his faith with others and promote love and peace in the world.

The controversy surrounding the monument highlights the ongoing debate about the role of religion in public spaces. While some argue that it is an important part of their identity and should be celebrated, others feel that it is inappropriate to force one’s beliefs on others.

Regardless of where one falls on the spectrum, Bushman’s efforts to promote his Christian values through his business venture are a reminder that people have the right to express their beliefs and values in public spaces. The monument may not be for everyone, but for those who share Bushman’s beliefs, it serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of faith and love in our lives.

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