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He Grew Out His Hair To Help Cancer Patients, And He Just Got Some Absolutely Horrible News…

Each and every one of us has the power to do good deeds that will enhance our lives in some way, whether they are actions that benefit the environment or other people. Even a simple act of kindness can have a big impact on someone else’s life.

The Law of Cause and Effect is true in our reality. Your excellent deeds in life will pay off for you. Altruistic actions are seen as admirable deeds. The most important things in life are good deeds and optimistic thoughts.

Being kind to others and acting with integrity, honesty, and humility are fundamental aspects of the human condition, despite how simple they may appear.

You can alter the course of your life by performing a large enough number of kind deeds.

However, for Vinny Desautels, who is considered to be a true hero, things just got turn unexpected.

When a story becomes popular online, it attracts large audiences who are eager to learn more. People can’t help but be interested in the specifics of those involved when a viral tale touches their emotions. As a result of a little boy’s brave and personal story becoming viral, people are now enquiring about him and wondering: Who is Vinny Desautels?

Vinny Desautels, a resident of Sacramento, California, spent two years growing out his hair in order to give it to cancer patients. He ultimately gave Wigs for Kids a whopping 30 cm of his hair.

The seven-year-old said he was “happy” to help kids battling cancer.

I want to help people so they don’t have to go to the doctors to fight cancer,” he said. “And then everyone got excited when mum cut the ponytails off.”

It wasn’t always an easy procedure either. Vinny’s father, battle veteran Jason Desautels said that he was picked on by other children, and frequently mistaken for a girl during that period, but Jason  said, Vinny handled it like a champ and stated, “Nah, I’m a guy.”

It is fascinating and heartwarming to see children like Vinny who at such an age he learned the spirit of giving, showing the importance of thinking of others. However, a cruel twist of fate has delivered a huge blow to a young boy who grew out his hair to help cancer survivors – with the news that he is now facing stage four cancer himself.

According to KTXL-TV, Vinny was given the diagnosis of “stage IV aggressive cancer” by doctors. Multiple growths on his hip, one eye, nose, and right cheek are the outcome of cancer. Although doctors are unsure of the exact type of cancer Vinny has, they are almost positive that it is Ewing’s sarcoma, rare cancer that grows in the bone or in soft tissue. Doctors are hoping to confirm that before beginning treatment.

“Well, the veins from my hip are traveling to another place right behind my eye and it’s making it squinty,” Vinny said.

Vinny once complained of knee pain upon returning from school. His parents spotted a lump on his hip when he was getting ready to shower and took him to the hospital. Vinny’s eye swelling, which his parents initially believed to be caused by his allergies, but as soon as the Doctor examined Vinny they indicated that the young boy has a large growth on his Iliac bone.

Basically, what they found is that he has a significant growth on his hip and in the bone around the eye and behind the nose and on the cheek on the right side,” Jason said.

“It is Stage 4 aggressive cancer,” he added.

In the meantime, Vinny has a strong will to fight. “As long as we are doing this as a family, we got this,” said Vinny’s mother, Amanda Azevedo, who’s six months pregnant by then.

Vinny’s grandparents have set up a Go Fund Me page, which they hope will help Vinny’s parents.

On the page, they wrote:  “Even though he was teased throughout the two years of growing his hair out, it didn’t deter him from his mission…to help a child in need.”

For being such a brave little boy, Vinny’s heroism should be made known to as many people as possible—especially children.

Helping others creates a sense of purpose in life.

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