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The Refreshments She Offered At Her Wedding Have People Calling Her The Cheapest Bride Ever…

An unconventional bride and groom embarked on a journey that challenged tradition and left guests baffled…

In a land where opulent weddings and endless festivities were the norms, a soon-to-be-married couple decided to take an unorthodox path to minimize expenses for their big day. While it was common for couples to choose less extravagant menu options, such as chicken instead of steak or affordable drinks, this particular bride and groom went a step further, leaving their guests utterly dumbfounded.

On a beautiful, sun-soaked day, 130 guests arrived at the wedding venue, hearts brimming with anticipation to partake in the celebration of the loving union between the bride and groom. Unbeknownst to them, they were in for a surprise. The bride and groom, devoted believers in the virtues of a water-centric lifestyle, had planned a “dry” wedding, offering not a single drop of soda, juice, or even lemonade for their thirsty guests. The only beverage available was filtered water.

This unique couple, having always lived a simple life, consuming mostly water and the occasional glass of juice or milk, were confident that their guests would understand their decision.

“We rarely, if ever, drink soda, so most of the time, it’s only water with the occasional juice and milk. We don’t even drink coffee,” the bride said.

Little did they know, the bride’s family was far from pleased. They voiced their disapproval and accused a couple of being selfish for not providing alternative beverage options. They even suggested setting up a cash bar for guests to buy their own drinks, believing it would enliven the wedding atmosphere.

Confused and upset, the bride turned to the online community of Reddit for advice. She shared her story and asked, “I didn’t think this would be a problem! It’s only water. I mean, don’t most people drink water every day anyway? Should we pay the extra to have a soda to make the family happy?”

The response from the Reddit community was prompt and clear-cut. Many users expressed the opinion that the couple’s choice to only serve water was a sign of poor hosting, even though they understood their desire to have a dry wedding. A wise gentleman wrote, “I know that technically you could be in the right, but here’s the thing about weddings, the marriage ceremony is for you and your fiancé. The wedding is for everyone you’ve invited, it’s an event you’re hosting, and not providing any drinks other than water makes you a bad host/hostess.”

Others chimed in with similar opinions, some even warning that guests might bring their own drinks to the wedding. One woman remarked, “Half the guests will be in the parking lot during the reception, drinking cans of soda and juice, etc., out of the trunk of someone’s car and leave after dinner.” Another added, “Seriously, people will be passing around plastic water bottles filled with liquor like it’s high school all over again.”

As the couple stood on the threshold of their most-awaited day, they were faced with a tough decision. Would they give in to their guests’ wishes and offer additional beverage options, or would they remain steadfast in their water-only philosophy, potentially alienating their friends and family?

The answer remains an enigma, a whispered cautionary tale amongst wedding planners and guests, reminding us all of the importance of considering the needs and desires of those we invite to join us in our most cherished celebrations of love.

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