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He Got Tired Of People Running Over His Fence, And His Solution Was Brilliant….

I’ve got to tell you, that having good neighbors is key to being able to enjoy living in your home.

But having bad neighbors can be a nightmare. You try everything to bury the hatchet but for some reason, they are determined not to like you. If you have a bad neighbor, you are certainly not alone.

One family’s long-running dispute with their neighbors took a surprising turn when dad finally decided to do something about it. A Reddit user shared his story on Reddit, explaining how his family’s neighbor had a truck filled with wood run over their fence.

“We live in a small private neighbourhood, the neighbours are related to us more or less (distant relatives). Everybody here is a complete nutjob. They were constantly arguing over decades before me or my brother were even born. Our property line is kinda like a square and it is surrounded by road from two sides. Keep in mind that on one part of the road we let our neighbours use 1 square meter of the land so they could use the road safer and not damage our property.”

When he discovered the neighbors deliberately ran a truck over their fence, destroyed it, and refused to pay for the damage, he decided to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Fed up with their neighbors driving cars over their fence, Miha’s family decided to take the matter into their own hands.

Miha’s father, who is a police officer, dug up a property line marker and filled the disputed area with rock-filled barrels. Their angry neighbors showed up at their door, threatening to call the police because they hit their cars on the barrels. They even threatened to attack Miha’s dad with a pickaxe!

But it proved to be an empty threat, and the only victims were Miha’s neighbors and their cars, as they kept running over the fence for a whole year. And it still wasn’t the end of this family’s troubles. To teach the neighbors a lesson, Miha’s father came up with a plan.

“My dad was furious and he changed his petty revenge into pro-revenge. He cut some wood to use it as a mold. He bought cement, sand and metal poles. One peaceful afternoon my father and I cemented that whole part of the land and placed some lovely flowers on top. So when they hit the concrete they can smell our flowers of victory/defeat.”

The plan worked like a charm! But it still wasn’t the end of this family’s story.

With the new fence built, Miha and his family could finally sit back and enjoy their revenge. Their pesky neighbors wrecked eight of their cars on the concrete fence but not one of them showed up at Miha’s door to complain. Miha told that his family was the only one in the neighborhood that took care of maintaining the road next to their property.

“They were constantly arguing that we don’t do a good job at maintaining the road. They would much rather criticize us than help us.”

A total of five neighbors wrecked their vehicles while cutting the corner on the perfectly legal wall. Not having a leg to stand on, drivers eventually learned to steer clear of the property and stopped knocking on the police officer’s door to complain.

But one particularly angry neighbor escalated matters further, sending lawyers to snoop around the troubled street.

Some neighbors seriously damaged their vehicles, leading to insurance claims that required the cop to prove what he’d done was perfectly legal. Of course, he’d done his due diligence and could quickly show lawyers that he’d done the right thing. It was, after all, still his land.

What a sweet revenge after all. 

Sources: AWM, Reddit

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