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A Teacher Locked Out A Student Threatening Everyone, And Somehow She Was The One They’re Mad At…

A fourth-grade teacher in Nevada, Texas locked a ridiculously unruly — and physically threatening — student out of her classroom.

But Mclendon Elementary School’s Judy Stough was suspended by the district for “escalating” the matter.

A lot of the adults said they have kept their children out of school since Tuesday, because of a student they worry will harm their kids. That student reportedly beat on a locked door and shouted he was going to kill teacher Judy Stough, while she and students huddled in a corner waiting for help.

McClendon Elementary is in the Community Independent School District. The acting superintendent there said the student in question has behavioral issues and was never a threat. Parents say they are outraged that the child has been allowed back in school.

According to a CBS News report:

“He kept banging on the door and yelling at us,” said fourth grader Cheyenne Wilson. “I was worried but I wasn’t crying, most of the kids were crying.”

Parents have praised fourth-grade teacher Judy Stough for protecting her students from the boy who reportedly has behavioral problems. But school district officials disagreed and placed her on administrative leave.

Parents such as Connie Wilson are baffled that Stough was suspended for escalating the incident when her students said it was the opposite.

“She handled it like she should have,” said another fourth grader.

Another teacher provided text messages to CBS 11 News from Stough while she was in the locked classroom waiting for help.

One message read: “Scares the hell out of my kids. One about to pee her pants.”

Parents of as many as half of the students in the fourth-grade class are keeping them home.

“I would just rather pay truancy and make sure she’s safe then send her to school and let her get hurt,” said Wilson.

Some in the comments section of the article castigate the teacher for leaving the troubled student “unattended.” As a teacher of 25 years, I can confirm that yes, it is generally the rule that (removed from class) students should not be left in the hallway alone as punishment. Such pupils should be sent to a “time out” room or to see an administrator.

But as the video report below notes, it seems Stough was attempting to contact administrators … but no one was answering the phone. Not to mention, it is unclear whether the student was originally in Stough’s classroom just prior to the incident.

Suspended teacher Judy Stough was just named teacher of the month in April.

Sources: AWM, CBS News

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