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She Was Burned Alive Pumping Gas When Someone Else Made An Absolutely Idiotic Mistake…. [VIDEO]

How does it feel to be burned alive? It would be the worst pain imaginable.

People can’t handle walking on hot sand for long periods of time without shrieking; now look back on a time when you touched a hot kettle or had some boiling water spilled on your hand. Now imagine it spreading all over your body and magnifying that pain 1000 times.

Imagine it lasting for 15 seconds while you’re simultaneously suffocating and unable to scream. That’s probably what being burnt to death feels like. It would drive you completely insane and hysterical within seconds.

Being burned to death is excruciating, just like how a Florida woman had felt.

Shoi Delfin-Caballes has been able to support her family through the raging pandemic despite the growing cost of gas. She and her children were on a typical day, Shoi pulled into a Shell gas station in Palm Harbor to fill up her SUV but little did she know it was the end of her.

As Shoi was filling her SUV’s gas tank when a sixty-six-year-old woman backed into the gas pump, knocking it over and trapping Shoi in a dangerous situation. The pump fell onto Shoi, pinning her between it and her vehicle when the gas “erupted in flames,” burning Shoi alive.

Two of Shoi’s children, ranging in age from elementary school to college, an 11-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, were sitting inside the SUV. The kids attempted to save their mother by jumping out of the car and using a fire extinguisher, but they were unsuccessful.

A Good Samaritan was then run over to pull the kids to safety when he saw them using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

According to Jared Pierson, he was panhandling close with a friend when he heard about the accident. He claimed that although he didn’t see anyone inside the SUV, it was already too late for him to save the mother.

“Apparently she was pinned against the gas tank – the gas pump – and her vehicle,” Pierson said, By the time I was crossing the street, it was all a giant fireball. All I could do was pull the kids away and we all had to go across the way because I thought the gas station was gonna go up in flames.”

“The kids wouldn’t leave my side and my buddy’s side, so we let them sit with our bum gear, and that’s when we found out their mom was trapped in the car,” he said.

He said he would have tried to do more if he had known Shoi was trapped.

“I’m just relieved that the babies didn’t get hurt, and if I would’ve known – you always say the what ifs and all that, you know,” Pierson told the station.

“I just wish I would have known earlier where the mom was. If I would have known the mom was pinned there, something would have been different. I couldn’t find the mom. That’s what really hurts,” he added.

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