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The “Dancing COVID Nurses” Are Back For A Totally Insane Reason…

Among the creepiest as well as very most peculiar facets of COVID-19 was actually the dancing nurses who executed choreographed programs on social media.

These clinical staffs had time to produce in-sync dances however healthcare facilities were actually apparently almost crash.

Checking out the dancing nurse practitioners believed that staying in a crazy asylum.

The COVID registered nurses have actually come back.

However, they’re dancing to end supposed temperature change.

They are actually currently the weather modification nurse practitioners.

“Below’s our statement of belief Liz. Focus on the greatest threat. Fires, floods as well as severe heat energy hurt much more than simply our dancing feet. So say goodbye to new nonrenewable energy. Spare amount of money along with renewables. Do not prefer kids to pay for the price. Dismissing researchers recommendations,” the verses review.

“Innovators ought to be yearnin’ to cease the world burnin’ so our experts stay alive, exist. Lowering carbon will quit our bodies droppin’ so our company survive, stay alive. All of us desire to exist,” the verses continued.

Below is actually the weird dance regimen:


Via Zero Hedge

just how nurse practitioners managed to possess time to help make numerous team TikToks if the hospitals were actually “overrun “with people dying of covid as the media insisted for the very first year of the astronomical, our company must likewise ask: If they was located concerning the efficiency of the requireds, why should our experts pay attention to all of them concerning weather change? None oppressive plan executed through authorities made any type of

distinction whatsoever in the transmission of the covid virus. The lockdowns were actually unproductive. The hides were actually unproductive. Social distancing was actually pointless. And the official typical Disease Death Rate of covid is a mere 0.23%, which indicates that 99.8% of folks were certainly never under any danger from the health condition anyhow. These truths were known through medical professionals by early 2021, however much of them continued to press the requireds. Invariably, as the summer season heats up therefore performs the hype encompassing temperature managements which would certainly carry out little or even nothing to switch the existing condition of the Earth’s temps.”Tape heat levels “are often … Source


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