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An Army Officer Was Forced To Take On A “Professional Squatter”, And It Ended In The Most….

In an audacious home invasion, a decorated Army Lt. Colonel comes face to face with a bold squatter laying claim to her property – a thrilling tale of grit, perseverance, and the pursuit of justice begins.

When Army Lt. Colonel Dahlia Daure returned home from active duty, she was aghast to find her house inhabited by an unwelcome guest – a squatter, who happened to be a convicted criminal. Not only had he audaciously claimed her property as his own, but he had also set up a fortress of sorts to defend his unlawful occupation, compelling the brave officer to devise a clever scheme to reclaim what was rightfully hers.

After years of dedicated service to our nation, Lt. Colonel Daure envisaged a calm and pleasant retirement ahead. She anticipated selling her half-million-dollar home in Atlanta, while she served in Chicago, and spending quality time with her grandchildren.

Imagine her shock and distress when she learned from her real estate agent that her house had been occupied illegally by Vincent Simon, a convicted felon who had the audacity to establish himself firmly within her abode, complete with cameras and warning signs.

Claiming to have a lease and insisting that he had paid $19,000 upfront for six months, Simon staked his claim over Lt. Colonel Daure’s property. The police brushed it off as a civil matter, stating that the Lt. Colonel had no authority to evict him. “It’s an affront to justice that I, a law-abiding citizen and a dedicated Army officer, have no power to evict an illegal occupant from my own home,” Daure protested.

Despite serving Simon with eviction notices, Lt. Colonel Daure found herself feeling violated and helpless, as she juggled her duties to her country and the personal turmoil inflicted by this situation. “It’s ironic that the law restricts me, a law-abiding citizen, from acting against this trespasser, while he enjoys the illegal comforts of my house,” she lamented.

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The house, a sprawling five-bedroom, five-bathroom estate valued close to half a million dollars, had been rented out by Lt. Colonel Daure who had recently spent $35,000 on renovations. Unfortunately, soon after she received a cash offer for the property, Simon took illegal possession of the house, leaving her in a bind.

Frustrated by the thought of a protracted eviction process and the associated legal fees, Daure decided to make her predicament public, reaching out to a local news station. The strategy worked, attracting much-needed attention to the issue, and prompting action from the Dekalb County Sheriff’s office, which suggested an “intruder affidavit” to expedite the eviction process.

Dahlia Daure

Swift justice came knocking at Simon’s door as the Dekalb Marshalls and Sheriff’s Deputies evicted him from the property. Amidst the hurried scramble to gather his belongings, Simon was arrested, and an illegal firearm and possible drugs were found in his possession. “This eviction is justice served. Homeowners should not be intimidated by such squatters who misuse the law,” said Daure, relieved and triumphant.

Despite showing a lease, which, in most cases, prolongs squatter cases into lengthy legal battles, the law did not favor Simon this time. “Presenting a lease doesn’t justify his illegal actions,” stated Major Manuel Sanchez from the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office. After all, his arrest provided a victorious conclusion to the ordeal that Lt. Colonel Daure had been enduring.

Looking back at her experience, Lt. Colonel Daure saw it as a personal mission. “My goal was to reclaim my home and ensure that Simon faced the legal consequences of his actions,” she declared. Her victory is a reminder to homeowners that they do have rights, and that they shouldn’t be deterred by illegal squatters. Her creative and determined approach ensured that justice prevailed, setting a powerful example for other homeowners facing similar predicaments.

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