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A Nurse Just Revealed What Most People See Right Before They Die…

Peering into the enigmatic realm of death, a dedicated Los Angeles hospice nurse finds remarkable consistency in her patients’ experiences – visions of a tranquil afterlife filled with familiar faces, debunking the fear of demise with a comforting narrative of peace and reunion.

Julie McFadden has cared for countless individuals on the threshold of mortality. She’s turned to social media to reveal what she’s discovered about those eerie and mystical occurrences experienced by many as they make their final journey.

With an uncanny consistency among her patients, McFadden reports they often encounter visions of an afterlife populated by those dear to them who have already passed on. Strangely, the same scene is repeated frequently: late loved ones and even cherished pets come to call, ushering in a sense of tranquillity and joy in the twilight of their existence.

Working diligently out of the City of Angels, McFadden provides comfort and care to those grappling with terminal illnesses. She shoulders the responsibility of easing their journey to the end, striving to minimize their suffering and creating an atmosphere of tranquillity during their final moments.

McFadden, a seasoned hospice professional at thirty-nine, recounts experiences of patients visited by ethereal apparitions of departed loved ones. These spiritual encounters offer counsel and consolation, preparing them for their impending transition to the afterlife.

In these critical moments, patients have reported hearing soothing affirmations from their spectral visitors, such as “Don’t worry, we’ll help you” and “We’re coming to get you soon.” After five years immersed in the realm of hospice care, McFadden has taken to TikTok, the popular social media platform, to offer a glimpse into the mysteries of death and dying.

Her insights have resonated with the TikTok community, earning her an impressive 1.2 million followers and an astonishing twelve million likes for the content she’s shared, stirring both intrigue and comfort in the global conversation about mortality.

Despite the frequency of these apparitions of deceased relatives, friends, and pets during patients’ final moments, the medical community remains at a loss to fully explain this phenomenon. McFadden posits that these visions often begin as early as one month before death, manifesting in dreams or during wakeful hours, leading patients to physically perceive these spectres from their past.

McFadden insists these visions aren’t mere delusions of a failing mind. “They’re usually functional and logical and questioning me, ‘Why am I seeing my dead mom? Do you see her?'” she added. The coherence and continuity of these experiences lend them an authenticity that’s difficult to dismiss.

In a comforting finale, McFadden also offers a word of reassurance to the worried souls, claiming there is no indication of any impending infernal fate, torment, or demonic presence in the afterlife. Her experiences seem to suggest a transition into peace, love, and reunion, rather than a descent into terror and torment. Her stories, thus, bring solace to those confronting mortality, be it their own or that of a loved one.

Source: AWM

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