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Alec Baldwin’s Wife Posted A Workout Video And People Are Mocking Her Like No Tomorrow….

Caught in the crossfire of online mockery, a high-profile spouse and former yoga instructor goes viral for all the wrong reasons, showcasing the absurdity we’ve come to expect from liberal elites and their accompanying ideologies.

Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin and former yoga instructor, finds herself the target of a public mockery storm.

A workout video she shared, featuring some unconventional pelvic movements, has become the object of relentless online trolling and ridicule.

In a spectacle now etched into the annals of awkward internet moments, Hilaria demonstrated a series of workout exercises centered around her pelvis in a 28-second clip. She aggressively thrusts her hips forward, then swings them side to side, all the while maintaining an uncomfortable gaze directly into the camera.

The video has quickly become fodder for widespread mockery, with fans gleefully producing parodies and cracking jokes at her expense.

Defending her bizarre exercise routine, Baldwin explained her focus on ‘activating her pelvic floor’, initiating each movement from within instead of depending on her limbs for drive.

Comparing the sensation to resisting urination—essentially performing kegels—she shared that she has been dealing with lower back issues post-childbirth. Her aim is to enhance her core strength, especially pertinent considering she and Alec are parents to seven children.

But netizens didn’t seem to appreciate her fitness goals or her frankness. Twitter was ablaze with criticism, with one user terming her movements as ‘disturbing and nasty’, even suggesting that it resembled a sexually suggestive scene. In another dig at Baldwin, comedian Celeste Barber parodied her workout video, labeling the routine ‘the Horny Teenager’.

As we engage with this spectacle, let’s remember that it’s not just the liberal elites who find themselves in ridiculous situations like these, but it’s also the institutions and policies they support, such as unrestricted illegal immigration or woke ideologies, that often plunge into the realms of the absurd. They may try to make us believe it’s the new normal, but in reality, it is as bizarre as Hilaria Baldwin’s pelvic workout video.

Source: Dailycaller

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