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FEEBLE Joe Caught On Tape Struggling To Walk! [VIDEO]

There are some people that are able to hide certain handicaps from people and get away with it until they are so far progressed that nobody ever knew anything was wrong until it was too late.

I remember a guy that I worked with once had a prosthetic leg and nobody had any idea until he fell over one time and they saw the metal coming out of the shoe.

If you are a guy working at an office supply store, that is not exactly a big deal. However, if you are someone like the President of the United States people want you in charge of your faculties as much as possible.

If Joe Biden couldn’t walk because he was in an accident as a child or something, nobody would say anything. If it’s because he is in the stages of mental deterioration, that’s entirely different.

Joe Biden is old beyond his years.

Unlike President Trump, whose incredible energy defies all odds for a man of his age, the 79-year-old feeble, Joe Biden, who is 5 years older than his predecessor, looks more like someone who should have a nurse’s aide guiding him to his next destination.

Watch Joe as he exists Marine 1 and heads to Air Force One  He’s either walking against a very strong headwind, or he’s simply a feeble old man who’s struggling to walk on the tarmac unassisted.  At one point, it looks as though Joe is asking the female pilot for assistance. It’s curious how when she leans in to hear what he’s saying, Biden grabs the pilot by the arm. It would have been a major news story if Trump grabbed a female pilot by the arm while walking to his flight on the tarmac—but for some reason, grabbing women is perfectly fine for Joe.

Yesterday, after the CDC made an announcement asking Americans not to travel in an effort to cut down on COVID positive cases, Joe Biden, who’s been in office for 2 weeks, flew home to Delaware for the weekend.

The Democrat Party media was quick to cover for Biden.  The AP explained that old Joe had to go home—he needed to help his wife figure out what to bring back to the White House.

Never forget—At around the same time in his presidency that Biden is going home to decide which socks to bring with him to DC, President Trump already working toward a peaceful resolution with North Korea, while fighting a coup of epic proportions from the former administration, which included Joe Biden.

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