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He “Fatshamed” Lizzo Live On The Air, And Now They Are Ready To Rip Him A New One…

During a live telecast, former NHL star sparked controversy and backlash when he made an inappropriate comment about singer Lizzo’s physique, leading to widespread outrage and a renewed conversation about body positivity and inclusivity in sports and society.

It was a usual Tuesday night in May 2023 when P.K. Subban, the erstwhile star of the National Hockey League, took a turn for the unfortunate during an ESPN telecast. He made a regrettable comment regarding popular singer Lizzo, demonstrating a regrettable lapse in judgment by seemingly belittling her physique.

Subban, known for his past exploits on the rink, ended up stoking a controversy in the studio while discussing the Panthers versus the Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Playoff series with co-host John Buccigross.

Subban’s inappropriate quip about Lizzo, renowned not just for her talent but her spirited stand for body positivity, left fans in an uproar. A casual remark from Buccigross regarding Toronto needing to “pack a lunch” in the wake of a four to two loss was the trigger. Subban took it a step too far by suggesting, “Maybe they need to pack a Lizzo-sized lunch,” a comment that seemed to emerge out of nowhere and shocked viewers tuning in.

For Lizzo, her size has never been a barrier but a badge of honor. She has been at the forefront of the body positivity movement, using her platform to break stereotypes and even launching a line of inclusive shapewear back in 2022.

Subban’s comment led to a widespread outcry from fans, who were disappointed with the sports star. They implored him to apologize to Lizzo and labeled him “fatphobic” and a “clown”. The comment sparked a digital uproar, with one Twitter user expressing disbelief: “PK Subban randomly dissing Lizzo was NOT on my bingo card for tonight.”

Others took to social media to voice their outrage. Another fan wrote, “Sis Pk Subban really just say ‘Lizzo sized lunch?’ That’s… not acceptable. That’s fatphobic.”

Still, others expressed their shock at the inappropriate remark, adding, “P.K. Subban saying someone needed a Lizzo-sized lunch? Seems like a harmful thing to say.”

The comment invited a host of online criticism:

“P.K. Subban fat-shamed Lizzo. Typical Subban clown move. He’s just horrible on ESPN.”

Another stated: “Did P.K. Subban just make a fatphobic Lizzo joke…..”

One more fan wrote: “PK Subban is going to have to apologize for making a comment about Lizzo.”

With Subban’s silence post the incident, fans are left hanging in anticipation for an apology. The fallout of his remark remains uncertain, with no clear indication if any professional consequences are looming or if Lizzo will call for a formal apology. It’s a waiting game now.

However, the incident has inadvertently brought forward an essential dialogue about body positivity and inclusivity, not just within sports but beyond. It serves as a stark reminder that judging or belittling individuals based on their physical appearance is wholly unacceptable.

It’s not just about Subban’s inappropriate comment but a broader societal issue that needs addressing. The hope is that this event will catalyze greater understanding and acceptance within the sports community and society at large.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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