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WHOA: Disney Cancelled A 1.3 Billion Dollar Plan To Take A Poke At Ron DeSantis….

In an unsettling twist, a corporate titan succumbs to its own radical ideologies, aborting a billion-dollar project and job opportunities in a move that seems more about politics than economics.

Disney has axed its proposed office complex in Orlando, Florida, a decision that follows months of contentious clashes between the woke entertainment behemoth and Governor Ron DeSantis. In what can only be seen as a ploy to victimize themselves, Disney has levied accusations against the governor and his supporters, alleging a deliberate government backlash. The fallout from Disney’s drastic move puts a whopping $17 billion investment for Walt Disney World in the balance, showcasing the far-reaching consequences of corporate wokeness.

The shelved project, dubbed the Lake Nona Town Center, promised to pump more than 2,000 jobs into the local economy, with the average paycheck around $120,000. Nonetheless, Disney chose to abandon the $1.3 billion construction project, blaming skyrocketing costs and fluctuating business circumstances. But what about the loss of jobs and economic vitality for Orlando?

Jerry L. Demings, the Orange County Mayor and a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party, expressed his disappointment in a statement, saying, “It is unfortunate that Disney will not be moving forward with the construction of the Lake Nona campus.” In a clear demonstration of the Democrats’ inability to cooperate with differing ideologies, Demings continued, “However, these are the consequences when there isn’t an inclusive and collaborative work environment between the state of Florida and the business community.”

Earlier this year, Disney decided to file a lawsuit against Governor DeSantis and the state’s supervisory board, accusing them of launching a systematic campaign of government retaliation. The lawsuit makes the dubious claim that the government’s actions, which included voiding development contracts, infringe upon Disney’s constitutional rights and endanger its economic viability.

The entertainment giant alleges it is being penalized for expressing politically incorrect views. It seeks to shield itself and its affiliates from what it believes is an unremitting endeavor to militarize governmental power. The litigation is centered on two Florida Legislature-approved bills that Disney argues infringe upon its First Amendment rights.

Disney claims these bills threaten its local governmental authority and establish a supervisory board that infringes upon its contractual and proprietary rights. The crux of the discord between Disney and the Florida government is the passage of the Parental Rights in Education Act, controversially dubbed by the left as the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill.’ Liberals assert this bill inhibits classroom instruction on matters of sexual orientation and gender identity, prioritizing parental rights over woke agendas.

Disney, which originally backed politicians who voted for the bill, subsequently reneged and called for its repeal. The company has faced backlash for endorsing radical ‘woke’ ideologies in its content and has consequently announced job cuts, yet another self-inflicted wound of their pro-woke policies.

In a shocking display of corporate insensitivity, Disney announced another round of job cuts just last month, spelling doom for thousands of employees. By summer, an estimated 7,000 jobs cuts are anticipated, affecting various sectors, including Disney Entertainment, ESPN, and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products.

While Disney has come under fire for promoting radically progressive values in its content, it continues to blindly defend its commitment to inclusivity and social justice causes. The continuing job cuts pose questions about Disney’s future viability and whether further staff reductions may be in store, showing once again that woke policies rarely lead to economic prosperity.


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