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This Couple Was Murdered Over 27 Years Ago, And They Police Still Don’t Have Any….

In a city known for its glitz and glamour, the unsolved brutal murder of a beloved impersonator and his beauty queen girlfriend remains a haunting melody in the silent desert night.

In the year 1993, the city of Las Vegas was sent into a frenzy by the brutal murder of a beloved Elvis impersonator and his stunning girlfriend, a queen of beauty. The couple were ruthlessly gunned down in the confines of the impersonator’s Vegas residence, a mini-Graceland.

Local law enforcement, despite their relentless efforts, found themselves unable to crack the case, leaving it unsolved for nearly three decades. The chilling unsolved murders of Dana MacKay and Mary Huffman are a haunting mystery that still lingers over the city and the avid fans of Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.

Upon the gruesome discovery of MacKay and Huffman’s bodies sprawled on the mini-Graceland entrance floor, it was evident that their lives had been abruptly ended by gunfire. Initial police theories suggested a botched robbery, despite the fact that no valuable items were missing from the residence, save for a single manila folder. This folder, belonging to MacKay, contained detailed records of his varied business ventures.


MacKay had etched his name in history as the pioneer Elvis impersonator, and to this day, his friends sing praises of his unmatched talent. His untimely demise sent shockwaves through the Elvis impersonator industry, a niche yet thriving business in Las Vegas.

In a surprising turn, Detective George Sherwood from the Las Vegas Police Department’s homicide division contradicted the robbery theory in 2008.

He shed light on the contents of the missing manila folder, stating, “Dana always kept a file with him that outlined all his business, whether it was his musical endeavors, the palm tree business, his home, and personal information, his life finances. And that was the only notable thing that was missing. Somebody wanted that folder, and somebody wanted Dana.”

Amidst his successful impersonation career, MacKay had also ventured into a unique business of planting palm trees in local households. He had embarked on this environmental initiative with a friend, aiming to introduce more greenery into the arid Vegas landscape.

Despite the case being officially open, the Las Vegas police department remains tight-lipped about it. There’s been no official disclosure about the progress of the investigation into this double murder, or if there’s been any, over the past twenty-seven years.

Adding another layer to the mystery, Misty Vargas, MacKay’s daughter, claims she knows the cold-blooded murderer of her father. However, she has chosen to withhold the identity due to her ongoing “connections” with the individual. She alleged in a 2017 interview with NBC News, “I know exactly who did it, and I know the cops know exactly who did it, but he’s allowed to get away with it because of his connections.”

Since then, Vargas has chosen to remain silent on the matter, similar to the Las Vegas police department. Despite attempts by DailyMail to get her to comment in 2020, she declined to engage with the reporters.

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